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Dia Felix « MAD Blog
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Posts by Dia Felix

Open Studios Visit: Lara Knutson

Magic Light Bubbles!

"I think what I love about it is that this material is really kind of alive. That you walk around it, it shines light at you, it kind of talks to you, it responds, it kind of dances, and it has all these other kind of magical effects. It makes rainbows. I just love that it's not just an inanimate object, and it makes people present, like, when people see it shine light, it's like they're suddenly there, in the moment, with the thing and they get excited, and I get photographs from people all over the world, sending me photographs of this jewelry glowing and they are so excited… I mean, to me that's special."

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Open Studios Visit: Derek Haffar

I wanna hold your hand.

People are really confused, especially when I’m working with a model like Saryta, they think Saryta is a sculpture so they’re always surprised when she smiles, or blinks, or moves, or talks. But the texture and the realism that I get in the sculptures is a little bit of a trap. It’s a hook for my viewers but it also can be a trap for me, because it’s so seductive to think that that is enough in a piece. It’s not really enough. It works to bring people into the piece but there has to be something more once they get there, or it’s a one-liner.

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Open Studios Visit: Ralf Schwieger, perfumer

Perfumery in action!

"I'm introduced as the 'Olfactory Artist' but that's not really what we call each other. The profession is called 'Perfumer' or in France it's called 'le Nez' - the Nose - it is sometimes called that in English also. But what I really do is scent design. This is the Museum of Arts and Design, so that is perfect: we are somewhere in the middle of it."

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Open Studios Visit: Trong Gia Nguyen

Unidentified man in "Portable Confessional"

"I don't mind overload of information. I think I do that in my own work too, I take in as much as I can and let it sort itself out somehow, eventually. And, if that means one project or if that means fifty projects at once that's fine. I have a lot of projects that take a long time to complete, projects that have been going on for years. I’m very patient with a lot of my ideas. We live in a day and age where there is complete overload of information and I can't say that I’m necessarily a proponent of it but I think I just naturally feel comfortable in it." -Trong Gia Nguyen

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Open Studios Visit: Matt Greco

Oh hi!

"I think someday perhaps I'll exhibit these things in a fake archeological exposition. I'll have some broken and put back together, I'll have some covered in dirt, I'll have pictures on the wall of a supposed archeological site where they were dug up from and build this whole narrative around them that they're this future information but it was just recently discovered in the ground and so how could they have known, and sort of play with that: prophecy and information and things like that."

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Hassan Khan's "Glass Knot"

...and if there was ever an art/life divide, this is absolutely the end of it. And that is good.

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BLOGUMENTA Day 2.5 — NO EXIT/Kein Ausgung


Well this day just wouldn't be complete without a Dali film screening WITH a pre-show performance, vaguely ritualistic and featuring a woman in a black veil holding a prism AND a scythe, moving like a greasy, wobbling worm followed around by a man carrying a bright light, trailed by a weeping elder man daubing his eyes with a hankie, and you finally, you guessed it, a live goose.

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not drunk just unrested I swear

One thing that is beginning to stare me down is that there is a lot at stake. The common cynicisms I might hold about contemporary art--that it's become, through market forces, nothing more than a luxury good, or that it's a narcissistic masturbate-a-thon, or that it's a nauseating, theory-gagged, class-fed academic self-eating monster….well these thoughts are really just NOT in play very much here. And with that bitchiness out of the way, there is so much space for the possibility that art could be a noble act of hope, rigorous intellect, spirit, and optimism. Dare I say LOVE?

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So Documenta, if you don’t know about it, is a site-specific art takeover of the small city of Kassel, in central Germany. It occurs every five years for a duration of 100 days, and it is happening right now, through September 16th. Maybe the future is happening and I want to be there when it's happening and maybe even talk about it happening? I also like traveling alone in countries with good selections of heavy dairy products and deep pastry traditions. I decide that if I can get a few days off work and find decent airfare, I will go. I do and I do and I do!

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A Conversation With Hattula Moholy-Nagy

color self-portrait 1944.jpg

On the occasion of the opening of Space, Light, Structure: The Jewelry of Margaret De Patta, MAD jewelry curator Ursula Ilse-Neuman sat down for a conversation with Hattula Moholy-Nagy. Hattula is the daughter of László Moholy-Nagy, the gifted and multi-faceted artist, who was a great influence on Margaret De Patta. For more than 40 years, Hattula has devoted herself to researching her father's life and work, while continuing to work in her own profession as a pre-Columbian archaeologist.

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